I confirm that my child is physically fit and healthy and I will undertake to advise you of any change. I consider him/her capable of taking part in gymnastics. I have completed the section on medical details and give consent that in the event of any illness/accident and necessary treatment can be administered. If surgery is necessary this may include the use of anaesthetics. I confirm that I have read through the participant’s code of conduct with my child and they understand  and agree to abide by the rules.

In signing this agreement I declare that I am aware of the element of risk involved and while I accept that the coaches and event personnel will take precautions to prevent accidents, I understand that they may not be held responsible for loss damage or injury to my child.

I am aware that photographs and video footage may be taken during the event for coaching and promotional purpose. I consent for my son/daughter to appear in photographs (please note any photographs will be shown to you before they can be used for local media, club brochures). I understand that no personal information will be displayed with the image.